Strategic Plan

Massanutten Association of REALTORS® Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Vision Statement: The Massanutten Association of REALTORS® provides
education, information, and services that enable its members to service their clients
and customers with professionalism and integrity.
MAR members will have access to timely communication and education that
contribute to their business success.
 Create and maintain a user-friendly MAR website.

 Implement education courses on technology to MAR members.

 Enhance MAR’s social networking presence as well as those of their members.

 Continue with identifying and partnering with information sources, including VAR, in order to provide our membership with current
market trends and information.

Financial Solvency
MAR will be served by an operational foundation that meets their needs.
 Investigate ideas to create or enhance revenue streams to the association

 Implement ongoing budget analysis and review

 Explore avenues to expand profitability of publication and website

 Develop long range plan/feasibility study for MAR purchase and/or lease
of a building.

Unification Efforts
MAR will participate in ongoing efforts to keep the association in compliance
with the National Association of REALTORS® Core Standards.
 Maintain policies and procedures that comply with local, state and
federal laws.

 Ensure Association Executive/Executive Officer maintains the highest
standards of professionalism through ongoing educational and training

Code of Ethics
MAR will be served by educational programs and tools that enhance their
professionalism and knowledge and practice of the Code of Ethics.
 Maintain comprehensive annual broker management CE education

 Maintain and promote a menu of CE courses which are relevant to the
current real estate issues.

 Provide innovative professionalism training to our members.

 Implement a program of broker outreach to encourage greater
participation by agents in education and training provided by/through the

MAR will encourage members to be involved in local and county government
issues that impact their profession.
 Expedite an email notification to membership of local and county
government agenda items relevant to real estate and property ownership.

 Create a public awareness program to disseminate information to the
public regarding real estate issues, as needed.

 Provide open forums for interviewing local and county political

 Invite government official to give periodic updates and presentation at
MAR meetings.

Advocacy Core Standards Strategies:
1. Include in dues bill a RPAC voluntary contribution to meet the NAR
RPAC fundraising goal.
2. Remind members through email and social media when NAR calls to
action have been delivered through the REALTORS® Action Center.
3. Remind members through email and social media when state calls to
action have been delivered.
4. Participate in advocacy engagement with local and state officials
Consumer Outreach
MAR will be involved in educating the public on the real estate profession.
 MAR will position themselves as the “Voice of Real Estate” by
promoting market statistics and/or real estate trends

 Promote the value proposition of using a REALTOR® and/or engaging
in community activities which will enhance the REALTOR image.

 Organize and/or fundraiser for the benefit of charitable and community

Consumer Outreach Core Standards Strategies
1. Engage in not less than four meaningful consumer engagement outreach
reflected by being the “Voice of Real Estate”; community involvement;
community investment